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Kāinga Karere Hou Wānanga Aromatawai

Wānanga Aromatawai

Posted: 11/30/2011 04:52 pm

Presentations from the Symposium

Symposium on Assessment and Learner Outcomes was held in Wellington in September, as a collaborative effort between Victoria University, the University of Auckland, the New Zealand Ministry of Education, and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. 

Presentations and keynote addresses from the symposium are available online now. Keynote addresses were given by Eva Baker, Kiritina Johnstone, Luanna H Meyer John Hattie, and Val Klenowski. Research presentations include those from Rosemary Hipkins: NZCER ; Aaron Wilson, Stuart McNaughton, Mei Lai: Woolf Fisher Research Centre; Colleen Young: Manukau Institute of Technology; and Esther Smaill: University of Otago.